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Wastewater treatment is a process used to convert wastewater - which is water no longer needed or suitable for its most recent use - into an effluent that can be either returned to the water cycle with minimal environmental issues or reused. The latter is called water reclamation and implies avoidance of disposal by use of treated wastewater effluent for various purposes. Treatment means removing impurities from water being treated; and some methods of treatment are applicable to both water and wastewater. The physical infrastructure used for wastewater treatment is called a wastewater treatment plant .

We are engaged in designing high grade Drinking Water Filtration Plant that is made from quality raw materials. It treats raw water, which contains undesirable sediments, color, algae and other harmful organisms. Thus, provides safe water for drinking. In this, PAC is injected into the water to adsorb odors and toxic compounds produced by the algae followed by the conventional process, which removes it. The mixture of water and chemicals is strongly agitated in second time before being distributed by a channel into one of the three flocculation tanks. Here, large horizontal paddles rotate slowly to encourage the floc to form and grow bigger. From the flocculation tanks, the water moves into the sedimentation tanks. As the filtration plant slows down these tanks, the large particles settle to the floor under gravity. We offer these in three major types, which are grey water treatment plant, iron removal filter plant and cartridge filter plant.

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