PhController And Adjusters/Stabilizer

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Key Features


Addresses specific pH challenges in different processes.


Enhances the reliability and repeatability of industrial processes.


Does not adversely affect the performance of other treatment agents.

Additional Components in this Category


  • Formulations designed to control and prevent the growth of algae in water systems.
  • Ensures the cleanliness and efficiency of water treatment processes.

Neutralizing Agents

  • Tailored solutions for adjusting pH levels and neutralizing acidic or alkaline water.
  • Maintains a balanced and stable pH environment.

Resin Cleaner Manufacturer

  • Specialized formulations for cleaning and maintaining ion exchange resins in water softeners and demineralization plants.
  • Extends the lifespan and efficiency of resin-based systems.

Oxygen Scavenger

  • Removes dissolved oxygen from water, preventing corrosion in industrial systems.
  • Protects equipment and enhances the longevity of critical components.

Alum, Caustic, Calcium Chloride

  • Essential components for various water treatment applications, including pH adjustment and chemical precipitation.
  • Customizable formulations to meet specific process requirements.

Polyelectrolyte Anion/Cation

  • Aids in the clarification and solid-liquid separation processes in water treatment.
  • Enhances the efficiency of water treatment plants.

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